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Masterbuilt 20078516 Electric Bullet Smoker

The Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker (20078516) is one of the three Analog Electric Smokers made by Masterbuilt. Besides being electric and getting rid of the inconvenience caused by propane and charcoal, its compact size and bullet style porcelain body get you ready to smoke in no time. The ...

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker Review

The Smoke-It Model#1 Electric Smoker is especially made for big families or large amount of people. It serves the best ever smoked food and doesn’t occupies a lot of space on your patio. It not only makes the cooking process easier for you but also ensures that you have full control over it. ...

Masterbuilt 20070311 Electric Smoker Review

The Masterbuilt 20070311 Electric Smoker is a 40 inch kitchen appliance that comes with a Window and R controller that ensures the heat remains inside the unit, thus providing the optimal smoking effect to your food. The food cooked by the Masterbuilt 20070311 Electric Smoker is even more delicious ...

Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker Review

The reason as to why most of the people love the Bradley 6-Rack Smoker is because of how well it cooks the food for you. You can easily cook any kind of meat in it, and using it very easy and simple. Nonetheless, it has the digital technology installed that gives you full control over the cooking ...

Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker Review

The Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker can cook mutton, beef, fish, bacon, salmon, vegetables and any food you want to taste delicious than ever. It has an 800 watt of heating element that cooks more food in minimum time. This smoker allows you to easily add wood chips without the need to ...

20 Myths About Electric Smokers

Electric Smokers are a marvel of modern technology for meat lovers around the world. Their ease of use and efficiency has put conventional smokers running on propane, lumber, and charcoal on notice.  In spite of doing exceptionally well in the meat curing arena, they're still looked at ...

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