Best Electric Smoker Reviews (2017 Edition)

Expert Reviews and Ratings by America's Top Chefs

Best Electric Smokers 2016-2017 – Reviewed by America’s Top Chefs . Thinking of buying an electric smoker? Read detailed reviews and ratings by America’s Top Chefs and decide for yourself.

If you’re looking for the absolute best electric smoker out there then our top recommendation for 2017 is the Masterbuilt 20070311(See lowest price).  Packed with an 1200 Watt heating element and over 975 sq. inches of space, it is undoubtedly the best smoker on the market.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly smoker you should go for Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Smoker (See lowest price). It offers you all the essentials at a very reasonable price.

⇢ Top 5 Best Electric Smoker Comparison Chart

Electric Smoker Model
Masterbuilt 40''
Char-Broil Deluxe
Masterbuilt 30''
Bradley Digital
Smoke Hollow 30162E
Cooking Space975 sq. in.725 sq. in.721 sq. in.520 sq. in.205 sq. in.
Heating Element1200W1200W800W1000W1500W
No. of Racks44463
Price RangePremiumBudgetBudgetPremiumBudget

Best Electric Smoker For Smoking;

#1 Recommendation: Masterbuilt 20070311 40-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker


Regardless of whether you are experienced or a fledgling to smoking your own particular nourishments, the Masterbuilt 40-inch Electric Smokehouse is one of the best models out there and accompanies propelled highlights that set it apart from other electric smokers in its class.

Smoking foods are huge amounts of fun. It permits you to take vegetables, angle, poultry, pork or red meat and grant a flavor that just can’t be copied misleadingly, or with “smoke” seasonings.

Presently you should pick your smoker. One of our most loved electric models is the Masterbuilt 40-inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker, as it packs heaps of extremely inventive components into a high-limit outline.

Remote Controlled: Masterbuilt’s claim to fire, as it were, is that they were the principal organization ever with a protected remote control electric smoker available. What’s the major ordeal you inquire? Indeed, the remote recurrence controller implies you can set the temperature and time setting, switch the inner light on and off, and in addition the smoker. You can likewise screen your cooking time, the cooking temperature and the meat temperature, from up to 100 feet away.


 Large Cooking Space: You get 975 sq. inches of cooking space. It is enough for 30lbs of meat, so you can almost anything from ribs and chicken to turkey and seafood.


  • You have abundant of space for cooking more sustenance effortlessly.
  • The chrome covered racks and effectively flexible.
  • Regardless of whether you are an amateur or master, this electric smoker is in a perfect world ideal for all cookers.
  • There is warming component of 1200 watt that even appropriates the warmth inside the chamber.
  • You can include wood chips without opening the entryway.
  • At last, there is a handle and a back wheel that make the moving simple for you.



  • However, it is quite expensive. There are cheap smokers in the market but seeing that it gives more size to cook and has a bigger wattage the price seems quite reasonable.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-quality electric meat smoker with a large capacity the Masterbuilt 20070311 40 Inch Smoker is well worth checking out. It’s not the cheapest on the market, but if you want something with a bit extra cooking space then you’ll definitely need to invest a bit more than the average price of about $200-$300. If you’re just cooking for your immediate family then you could probably get by with the smaller 30-inch model, but for regular entertaining, the 975 square inches of cooking space on 4 racks is a worthwhile investment.

Producer: Masterbuilt

Masterbuilt makes super low evaluated cookers, made in China for thrifty individuals in the USA. Quality and cost are lines with Brinkmann, Char-Griller and Master Forge. A few models have a couple of remarkable elements that give a little blast to next to no buck. The greater part of their items was to a great extent business as the usual cost is driven stuff with an alternate logo on the cover, however, as of late, they have made a stride up in quality on many models.

Masterbuilt is generally circulated on the web and at physical outlets, including box stores.

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#2 Recommendation: Char-Broil 725 Digital Electric Smoker


Everybody adores the immense taste of smoked food. The issue is that utilizing charcoal smokers is a tedious procedure which takes a ton of thoughtfulness to get great outcomes. Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a simple approach to get extraordinary smoked flavor without all the planning, know-how and steady consideration?


  • 5-Cup High-Capacity Grease Tray which makes hassle-free grease removal and cleaning.
  • Warming feature to keep your food warm inside the smoker until it is removed and ready to be served.
  • Large locking latch to smoke tight the vessel completely.
  • Large capacity smoke box and digital programmable controls.


  • The glass front of this smoker has a tendency to get filthy amid each smoke session, so you’ll need no doubt and wipe it down after each use.
  • It has a limited temperature range of 100 to 275

Final Verdict

In short, I think this product is going to encourage a lot of new smokers to smoke often and to cook in large quantities when needed, and most importantly, control the smoke and heat more carefully. Overall a good purchase at a very good price.

Maker: Char-Broil

Char-Broil is a pioneer in the famous gas flame broil field with cunning outlines, low to midrange costs, and awesome client benefit. For quite a long while they have concentrated on infrared cooking. Beginning in 2012 all new IR models was named “Tru-Infrared”. These flame broils are made with stainless steel tube burners that work in conjunction with a brilliant surface to convey warm near the nourishment. The brilliant surface shields nourishment from direct fire and lessens hot dry convection warm ascending from the burners.

As one of the greatest BBQ producers on the planet, Char-Broil offers an unmistakable, ease contrasting option to Weber and outperforms numerous other cost driven makers with their infrared gas barbecue outline development and centered showcasing. Likewise in 2012, Char-Broil presented Saber, another, great line of gas flame broils that clashes with Weber’s Summit arrangement in the top notch barbecue space. They offer charcoal flame broils, smokers, fryers and an assortment of embellishments and apparatuses.

Scorch Broil is claimed by The W.C. Bradley Company headquartered in Columbus, GA. Foundations of W.C. Bradley backpedal before the Civil War to The Columbus Iron Works. The principal Char-Broil barbecue was made and sold in the USA in 1948. Presently all Char-Broil barbecues are produced in China and appropriated the world over.

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#3 Recommendation: Masterbuilt20070910 electric Smoker


The Master Built 20070910 has been arranged by the inconceivably well known “Masterbuilt Manufacturers” and is one of the best and top offering electric smokers in the market. It is exceptional for its quality and headway. This 20070910 electric smoker bit by bit smokes your sustenance, making it exceedingly tempting. This electric smoker is work to the point that it constantly smokes the sustenance. In any case, you can essentially change the temperature stretch out from the options available on the smoker. The Master Built 20070910 is such a thing in which you can contribute without worrying about the quality and sturdiness. Why?

Pushbutton Start

The smoker’s straightforwardness begins with its natural pushbutton computerized control board, which incorporates temperature settings that range from 100 to 275 degrees F. Simple to set, the temperature is surprisingly reliable.

Moderate Smoking as Easy as Grilling

The smoker is extensive inside, with four inside smoking racks that offer more than 730 square crawls of the consolidated cooking surface. Thus, you’ll have abundant space for your ham, angle, wiener, chicken, or jerky- – enough to encourage additional expansive group on exceptional events, occasions, and family get-togethers.

Spice up Your Barbeque

The smoker gives you a chance to include juice, vinegar, or your most loved refreshment to the removable water dish to inject dampness and add another layer of flavor to your food. For a milder flavor, you can utilize the customizable air damper to diminish the smoke level. Powerful flavor significant others can rather leave the air damper shut to escalate the smoke levels inside.


  • It is made with strong materials and a well-assembled, strong body.
  • It is very much protected.
  • It has a computerized thermometer.
  • It is extensive for huge groups of meat.
  • It has a 24-hour clock.
  • Suitable for the individuals who have a huge family or for the individuals who are cooking for huge occasions.
  • The smoke level can be balanced.
  • It’s anything but difficult to clean and keep up.


  • The cord is short contrasted with different smokers.
  • The warming component tends to separate anyway it is not an issue in the event that you know how to take after the directions written in its manual.

Final Verdict

A very good electric smoker with 30-inch of cooking space and at a very reasonable price too, and most importantly, it comes from the leading brand Masterbuilt. Beware; smoking your meats can become very addictive.

Producer: Masterbuilt

Masterbuilt makes super low evaluated cookers, made in China for thrifty individuals in the USA. Quality and cost are lines with Brinkmann, Char-Griller and Master Forge. A few models have a couple of remarkable elements that give a little blast to next to no buck. The greater part of their items was to a great extent business as the usual cost is driven stuff with an alternate logo on the cover, however, as of late, they have made a stride up in quality on many models.

Masterbuilt is generally circulated on the web and at physical outlets, including box stores.

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#4 Recommendation: Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker

Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker will hot smoke, cool smoke and dish to flawlessness. Full advanced control board permits you to set the measure of smoke, cooking temperature and cooking time. One of a kind smoke without flame framework works for up to 8 hours without refueling. It is a new larger size.


  • Very simple to set up
  • Even smoking all through the meat
  • Easy, set it and overlook it innovation
  • Easy for even learners to utilize and have extraordinary outcomes
  • Large limit gives you a chance to smoke a lot of meats immediately
  • Easy temperature control


  • A temperature swing that may not be alluring
  • Digital indoor regulator can read high because of its arrangement about the warming component
  • A warming component that is under controlled for a six rack unit

Final Verdict

It is a very nice smoker with a very reasonable price. Great for beginners. I’m sure you all will enjoy this lovely smoker.

About the brand

The Bradley Objective

Bradley Smokers are the new option in smoking innovation. Sportsmen and gourmet specialists alike can depend upon its exactness to reliably create the best tasting smoked food. It’s less demanding to control and more flexible than whatever another smoker. With the Automatic Smoke Generator, electronic control and completely protected bureau, Bradley Smokers take out the exceptional temperature variances and intrusions in smoke creation that unfavorably impact the essence of smoked food.

It’s about the flavor!

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#5 Recommendation: Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker


A biggest aspect concerning this specific electric smoker is that it is anything but difficult to spotless and even components replaceable parts that ensure to keep going for a considerable length of time to come

The plan of this electric smoker makes it exceptionally proficient. The temperature control system that is utilized here makes it simple to get a correct temperature level that will dependably smoke your meats without flaw and ensure you never have anything to stress over. The temperature gage is dependably on point and is continually giving you a correct readout on what is happening within your smoker. What emerges is the way that it can without much of a stretch keep up the temperature regardless of the possibility that you open the entryway for a minute.

Who does this suit?

The Smoke Hollow 3016SE is a section level grill cooker and smoker. It is intended for open-air smoking and little grills. The cooking limit is given by a few cooking frameworks which can each suit a 5lb brisket, two or three chickens, or even an extensive turkey. As a result of its outline – it has twofold steel protected dividers – it appears to be impenetrable to the outside atmosphere and can keep up inside cooking temperatures paying little heed to the climate. This makes it appropriate to smoking and cooking amid even the coldest winter months. It’s tough to form and strategically located handles make it reasonable for convenient utilize so it can be transported to grills or occasions with no issues.

How can it function?

The Smoke Hollow is anything but difficult to work as it has three settled temperature settings which are reliably kept up in spite of the open air climate. It is fueled by a 1,500 warming component which is sufficiently intense to smoke and meal any assortment of meats, poultry or fish. Here and there the smoke-box must be balanced with the goal that it sits on top of the warming component so as to get great measures of smoke. The smoke box will regularly light the wood contributes around thirty minutes so should be refilled a couple times amid long moderate cooking ventures.


  • This electric smoker is made of a productive outline. In a perfect world, the temperature gage will give you precise perusing. The readings are exact paying little heed to the temperature outside the unit.
  • The unit execution is splendid. Its execution is, for the most part, advanced by the high-temperature steel wood chip box with a top, alongside the porcelain covered steel water dish.
  • This is a 30-inch electric smoker fitted with enduring metal legs, these guarantee that the unit is very much raised starting from the earliest stage; making it simple to get to the entryway.
  • The unit outside outline is made of steel; this makes it powerful and impervious to temperature changes outside the unit.


  • After a couple rounds of utilization, smoke just holes out of the unit; this makes it harder to keep up the wanted cooking temperature.

Final Verdict

A great digital smoker with 2 cooking grids and 3 temperature settings. It is suitable for outdoor cooking of meat, vegetables and more.

About the brand

Producer: Smoke Hollow

Smoke Hollow has offered esteem valued smokers since 2005. They make a few vertical, bureau styles, gas smokers that are fundamentally the same as in cost and development to Brinkman and Masterbuilt. Some of their bigger gas smokers incorporate wiener holders, jerky racks, and a two-sided blend cooking network/rib rack. Smoke Hollow additionally makes one 30″ tall electric smoker, a balance smoker and a gas/charcoal combo flame broil and smoker that has a counterbalanced firebox on the charcoal side.

Smoke Hollow is claimed by Outdoor Leisure Products. All cookers are inherent China and intended to offer at passage level value focuses. They are sold on-line and at different chains like Sam’s Club and Gander Mountain.

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Though the conventional methods of smoked foods are still used, but let us think out of the box. Unfortunately, most of the people nowadays are unaware that using the old smokers that work with charcoal produce harmful gases like carbon monoxide (Study), carbon dioxide and many other gases that are very harmful for out atmosphere. This also leads to global warming and deletion of ozone layer. However, with the electric smokers, there aren’t any charcoals, no ash and no harmful gases. They not only serve you delicious food, but also keep the atmosphere clean and safe.

smokers heat influence

Why You Need an Electric Smoker?

An electric smoker is among the most versatile appliances with which you can easily cook fish, bacon, salmon ribs, steak or even vegetables. These electric smokers require a bit of practice to use them, but once you set them up properly, cooking becomes fun. Electric smokers also kick the fuss of visiting your appliance again and again for hours. Why? Because these modern technologies (article) have a smart monitoring system that controls the temperature, lets you fiddle them with dampers, shovel them with coal, add wood and even spritz your meat. Having the best smoker cooks delicious smoked food on time. Some of the features of best electric smokers are as follows;

Masterbuilt 20070311 40-Inch Top Controller Electric SmokerSteel65.7 lbs4.9/5
Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric SmokerHigh Temperature Steel50.2 lbs4.8/5
Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital SmokerSteel45.9 lbs4.5/5
Bradley Digital 6-Rack SmokerStainless Steel66.14 lbs4.2/5
Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric SmokerPainted Steel47.6 lbs4.0/5
  • Affordable: Although a few highly advanced electric smokers can be as much as $500, but you can easily find a quality one for your family in less than $200 which we think is a reasonable long term investment.
  • Advance Features: With an electric smoker, you can sit back while the food is being cooked. Why? Because of the advanced features like temperature adjustment and automatic turn off feature. In case of the old smokers, you have to stand near the smoker until it gets cooked.
  • Durable Construction: The best electric smokers come with a thick metal having durable insulations and seals. The thick steel wall absorbs the heat and then evenly spreads it throughout the chamber that helps in thorough cooking. The old smokers quite often leaked from different points. However, electric smokers are free from all such defects. They have a durable seal that makes them leak proof.
  • Adjustable: Of course you can adjust the temperature ranges as per your cooking requirements. Fish, salmon, bacon, etc. demand high-temperature levels while vegetables require low temperature. So, you can easily adjust the temperature.
  • Ease of Storage: Most of the electric cookers have a very smart design that makes them perfect to be stored in the kitchen, or carry it with you on family trips. Their ergonomic design lets you easily store them in your kitchen.
  • Ease of use: These advanced electric smokers are user-friendly, and also allows you to not only cook fish or steak but also vegetables. This makes them perfect for people with different tastes.

How to Select an Electric Smoker

When it comes to choosing an electric smoker you have to be very specific about what features you want or are best for you. Consider the size of the smoker, power requirements and material used.  Most of the people will just go through the basic features and hit the buy button. So we have listed the 6 most crucial thing to look for before you actually consider clicking buying just any electric smoker These include;

1: Construction

Construction must always be of stainless steel because it absorbs and spreads the heat in the chamber and also ensures that the unit doesn’t leak. A poor sealing will definitely affect the thoroughness of smoke in the food. In terms of a smoker, the most critical part of the construction process is the seal because you have to ensure that maximum smoke remains inside the chamber.

2: Power Requirements

In case of the power requirements of an electrical smoker, always ensure that the main electrical feeder in your house is enough to supply the required electricity. Nearly all electrical smokers for households come with standard electricity requirements.

3: Size

Of course, this appliance would be stored in your kitchen or possibly in the storeroom. So be sure as to which size you opt in for when buying an electric smoker.

4: Storage Capacity

Always choose an electric smoker that has a greater storage capacity. Even if you are a family of 5, you should consider choosing an electric smoker with fairly more storage capacity. Who knows when you have to serve your guest with delicious smoked food.

5: Energy Conservation Features

Opt in for an electrical smoker with quality energy conservation features. There must be a standby feature or an auto-off functionality when the cooking process is done to save energy. For safety features, you can read more here.

6: Type of Material Used

Once again we would emphasize that stainless steel material is the best and most recommended material for electric smokers. You may find other materials as well, but they aren’t worth it in the long run.

How to Purchase the Best Electric Smoker for Your Home?

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to locate the best electric smokers for your home? All things considered, if that is the thing that you are hoping to observe then you should make sure that you are focusing on the subtle elements that truly matters. We will share a couple of things that will help you in the correct approach to picking the electric smoker that you need to purchase. The majority of the general population confronts distinctive issues when they are hoping to buy new machines for their kitchen in any case, in the event that you need to flame broil the meat legitimately then you don’t have to do whatever else. You should simply to make sure that you are getting the correct electric smoker for your kitchen. Make it beyond any doubt that you are utilizing the correct electric smoker and you will have the capacity to discover it on the off chance that you are beginning your exploration on the best possible premise. Here, we have a couple of things that will help you buy the correct apparatus for your home.

  • Usability — there are huge amounts of decisions with regards to electric smoker adornments. In the event that you would prefer not to physically mess around with temperature settings and smoke generation, then you have to purchase a smoker that gives you a chance to program these things. Advanced electric smokers accompany things like clocks and temperature sensors to help you concoct the ideal bit of meat. In case you’re knowledgeable about the smoking procedure, you won’t require a group of fancy odds and ends; you can likely get by with fewer adornments. Smokers that are recorded in the table most importantly have this capacity.
  • Spending VS Quality — it’s critical to discover a smoker that cooks your meat well, yet you would prefer not to spend a fortune getting the quality you require. On the off chance that financial plan assumes a part in your choice, and then you have to locate the best quality smoker at a cost that you can manage. Luckily, there are huge amounts of appropriately estimated units available; you simply need to make sense of which one will give you the cooking background you covet.
  • Measure — Electric smokers come in various shapes and sizes, and when you pick a unit, you have to ensure that it’s sufficiently huge for the measure of nourishment that will get ready.

Continuously check a smoker’s ability before getting it. You would prefer not to purchase a colossal smoker on the off chance that you just arrangement on getting ready individual suppers frequently, and you would prefer not to purchase a minimal smoker in case you’re getting ready dinners for heaps of individuals without a moment’s delay. As a rule, it’s ideal to be sheltered than sorry, so in the event that you have additional space, it can’t hurt to purchase a unit with a bigger limit than you might suspect you’ll require.


Advantages of Electric Smokers

When you utilize an electric smoker, you don’t rely upon blazes to deliver smoke. Electric smokers utilize loops to deliver warmth, and this accompanies many points of interest that conventional smokers don’t have:

Easy to Use

Customary smokers set aside a long opportunity to go ahead; you have to get the fire going, direct wind current and ensure that the unit remains at the correct temperature.

With an electric smoker, you essentially connect it to, set the temperature and cook your meat. An electric unit evens the odds amongst beginners and specialists. Any tenderfoot can utilize an electric unit to create a quality bit of meat with no learning or aptitude, and they can do this while leaving the meat totally unattended.


Electric smokers are substantially more secure than customary smokers. Customary smokers depend ablaze on delivering smoke, and this fire should be left on for quite a long time at any given moment. On the off chance that something thumps over your conventional unit, the fire can spread. In the event that you have children or pets, you’re presumably happier utilizing an electric unit; it’s only a ton more secure. Electric smokers are ideal for zones where open blazes exhibit a risk.

Low Cost

It doesn’t cost a considerable measure of cash to run your electric smoker. In the event that you get a customary unit, you always need to purchase charcoal or wood to keep the fire going and following two or three hours, the cost of fuel truly begins to include. Electric smokers don’t have this issue; you essentially connect them to and let them run. They don’t draw much power, so they wind up costing you less to run.


Customary smokers require a great deal of looking after children; need to keep up wind stream, temperature, and the fire. With an electric unit, you connect it to and let it keep running; there’s nothing else that should be finished. In the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise to watch your unit throughout the day, then you have to get the best electric smoker accessible available.


Disadvantages of Electric Smokers

Not Traditional

Many home cooks trust that tending to their smoker is a piece of the fun when they are smoking meat. For these idealists, a set it and overlook it framework simply doesn’t work; they have an inclination that they are bamboozling when electronic gear deals with the smoker’s temperature and smoke creation.

In the event that you truly need to tend to your unit to ensure that it’s running, then an electric unit presumably isn’t for you, yet in the event that you wouldn’t fret abandoning it unattended, then you ought to approve of an electric model.


Electric smokers are somewhat more convoluted than conventional ones with regards to their segments; there are more electronic components within them, so you have a greater shot of breakdown.

When you utilize a customary smoker, it’s only a bit of metal, so there is nothing within it that can break. Electric smokers have programmable clocks, indoor regulators and warming components that can glitch. The makers make the electronic components simple to supplant, however it sets aside some opportunity to make sense of how to do it.

Lower Temperature

It takes somewhat longer for foods to cook in a reasonable electric smoker; this happens in light of the fact that less expensive units can’t generally achieve the high temperatures that conventional smokers can. Less expensive electric smokers show individuals the estimation of persistence with regards to smoking meats; on the off chance that you utilize a cheap electric smoker, you may need to sit tight somewhat longer for your meat to wrap up.

Best Electric Smokers 2017 – Reviewed by America’s Top Chefs
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